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February 18, 2019
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2nd Issue 2005
Management Revue, Volume 16

Special Issue
Human Resource Management and Economic Success

edited by Rüdiger Kabst, Wenzel Matiaske

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    Rüdiger Kabst
Wenzel Matiaske
      Human Resource Management and Economic Sucess
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    Patrick M. Wright
John J. Haggerty
      Missing Variables in Theories of Strategic Human Resource Management: Time, Cause, and Individuals
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    Barry Gerhart       Human Resources and Business Performance: Findings, Unanswered Questions, and an Alternative Approach
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    Eleni T. Stavrou
Chris Brewster
      The configurational Approach to Linking Strategic Human Resource Management Bundles with Business Performance: Myth or Reality?
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    Peter J. Dowling       Human Resource Management and Economic Sucess: An Australian Perspective
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  Fernando Martin Alcazar
P. M. Romero Fernadez
Gonzalo Sanchez
      Researching on SHRM: An Analysis of the Debate over the Role Played by Human Resource in Firm Sucess
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    Justin Horgan
Peter Mühlau
      Human Resource Management and Performance:
A Comparitive Study of Ireland and the Netherlands
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    Seong-Koog Kim
Ji-Sook Hong
      The Relationship between Salesperson Competencies and Performance in the Korean Pharmaceutial Industry
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    Simon L. Dolan
Merce Mach
Vicenta Sierra Olivera
      HR Contribution to a Firm's Sucess Examined from a Configurational Perspective: An Exploratory Study Based on the Spanish CRANET Data
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