Socio-Economic Studies

March 22, 2019

1st & 2nd Issue 2016
Management Revue, Volume 27

Special Issue
Ageing Societies: Comparing HRM Responses in Germany and Japan

edited by Keith Jackson and Philippe Debroux

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    Keith Jackson,
Philippe Debroux
      HRM responses to ageing societies in Germany and Japan: Contexts for comparison - Editorial
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    Philip Taylor,
Catherine Earl
      Making the case for older workers
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    Lena Elisabeth Kemper,
Anna Katharina Bader,
Fabian Jintae Froese
      Diversity management in ageing societies: A comparative study of Germany and Japan
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    Nobuo Sueki       Ageing society and evolving wage systems in Japan
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    Heike Schroeder,
Masa Higo,
Matt Flynn
      Workplace accommodation for older teachers in Japan and Germany: The role of the institutional context in supporting late career options for teachers with ill health
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    Philippe Debroux       Elderly workers in Japan: The need for a new deal
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    Keith Jackson       Comparing HRM Responses to Ageing Societies in Germany and Japan: Towards a New Research Agenda
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